Session Series Beers

Our session series beers are brewed to allow the drinker to consume multiple beers “per session”, while still enjoying a multitude of flavors.  Easily drinkable, and lower in alcohol by volume than the Bison Series, these beers are great for any occasion.

Pils (4.8% ABV):
Hef (5.0% ABV):
IPL (5.5% ABV):
Coffee Vanilla Stout (5.2% ABV):
Raspberry Hef (5.0% ABV):

Bison Series Beers

The Bison series beers are the bold and forward flavors created when brewed with more; more malt, more hops and more alcohol by volume. Still amazingly smooth and drinkable, this series of beers will amaze you with flavor.

Imperial IPA (11.2%):
Imperial Stout (10.3% ABV):
10th Sanctum Barleywine (11.2% ABV):

Small Batch Beers:

The Small Batch beers are where we showcase beers that we want to experiment with. Usually brewed for a limited time and mostly served in our tasting room, Small Batch beers range in styles form a German style Dopplebock to American Pale Ale. A full listing of current small batch beers can be found in the tasting room on a daily basis.